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KONARK at verge of Demolition.

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Bhubaneswar:25/11:(odiannews)World Heritage Konark SunTemple will demolish if a mild earthquake hit the land, as per the report of Central Building and Research Department of Rurkee.In the report it is said that the structure of the Konark Temple is so weak that even a mild earthquake may cause a severe damage to it.At this point of time Center and State are spitting at one another,trying to hide the irresponsibility. This report has been acknowledged to ASI department along with the steering committee in which state members are there .The Central Govt.is carefree and the State Govt.is unable to take any appropriate and specific steps to resolve the damage. This historic and iconic monument made Odisha recognize in the world arena .But this conspiracy against this legendary architect, throbbing in hearts of culture lovers, intellectuals and among common people of Odisha. .