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WhatsApp group administrator arrested in Mumbai allegedly adding a woman in the group

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Odian News Service:27/11 A WhatsApp group admin has been arrested by the Mumbai Police on Thursday for allegedly adding a woman to a group where pornographic content was shared. The 24-year-old accused Mustaq Ali Shaikh was the administrator of the WhatsApp group called ‘Triple XXX’. According to the police, he added a Mumbai-based housewife in the ‘Triple XXX’ group in September. As per the victim’s complaint, she initially ignored the group because she assumed it to be a prank by her friend, but later realized that nude pictures and porn videos were being posted in the group. Later, she looked at the administrator and 12 group members numbers, but realized she did not know any of them. approached the police and informed them about this WhatsApp group called ‘Triple XXX’. Shaikh was arrested from the Sion-Dharavi area on Thursday. It’s been reported that he accidentally added the complainant thinking the number belonged to his brother-in-law. Mumbai Police says that he has been booked for molestation and under sections of the Information Technology Act. “During interrogation, he apologised and said that he may have accidentally added the complainant s number. He said he thought the number belonged to his brother-in-law and did not remember how he had the complainant s number,” .