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ONE TEAM , ONE DREAM:Work Hard & Together:Aparajeeta Sarangi,Former IAS.

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Bhubaneswar:2/12:(odiannews): Former IAS officer Aparajeeta Sadhangi and Cabinet minister for Centre Dharmendra Pradhan, were being greeted with great exaltation, at the party office in Bhubaneswar. In a comment, her joining politics, she said, "We have to work hard and together to transform Odisha to a developed state. Again she said ,"I am on the first step in politics; I am ready to learn from everyone ." Further she said ,"As I was working sincerely as an Administrative officer, in respect to that ,I am going to work harder for betterment of the Party. In this opportunity,she started a slogan "ONE TEAM , ONE DREAM ". In the press conference she asked State Govt., "If the government has been developing the state for last 18 years, then why is Orissa poor?" Referring to Swachh Bharat Mission she said, our state is lagging far behind to the National rate.