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TRENCH COAT-The new Fashion.

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10/12:(odiannews):Now youths of current generation are very much active in the field of fashion design and experimenting over it. They have the trend in them, to fill up their wardrobes, if any latest fashion of clothes comes to market. Now in the winter ,the passion for the Trench Coat is at the top. If you try this fashion it would give you the smartest look as well as you can get rid of cold. Let us know ,how Trench coat would provide you, the smartest look. As per the fashion experts use of Trench coat had been started by the British, and in course of time it introduced in the world of fashion.Use of Trench coat in Bollywood industry has brought it on demand in India. Important factor is that, this Trench coat are coming to market in variety of fabrics and colors and you can use it according to your choice in any season. In view to winter, this coat is designed in specific fabric top up for which it provides warmth to your body. Demand of trench coat- As per the opinion of fashion experts,before it was only designed in the context of Mens fashion. Mainly its was paired with jeans and shirts. But now the fashion has been changed .Women are now started to use Trench coat as a new fashion. Now a days ,women are using it, making the pair with Lehnga, Plazo, long length gowns.