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A Tree for your HEART.

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10/12:(odiannews):In this modern era, most of us are suffering from heart disease ,it may be high blood pressure either heart attack,which steadily dominating the mainstream. But to our utter surprise, there is a tree in our nature, which help us to save ourselves from the heart disease, since time immemorial. This tree is found all over India, especially, in different parts of our state Odisha. The name of the tree is Arjun. Like Arjun of Mahabharat who had unchallenged ability in every field of knowledge and who had saved Pandavas,and got the victory in the War of Mahabharata. As per the name Arjun, this tree makes our heart stronger by keeping in control the flow of blood .The bark of this tree is specially helpful to your heart .Take 25 gram of this bark and boil it in 200 ml of milk and 800 ml water on a mild hit. Let the boiled mixture to remain in 200 ml. Then filterise it and divided into two proportionate valume and take in morning and evening two times in a day. It gives energy to our heart and keep us away from any kind of heart disease.