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A Great Victory for Congress,BJP has to introspect.

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New Delhi:12/12:(odiannews):Congress has succeeded to form government in the Hindi heartland States, but BJP has put in scencere fight in two states namely Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. if you take of Rajasthan result, there is no clean sweep for Congress as it had been predicted by various media houses. The point to be noted here ,in the last assembly election there was a clean sweep for BJP ,more than 160 seats whereas Congress had succumbed to within 40 seats. Rajasthan has always a tendency of change.However ,the percentage of vote sharing is quite migre.Cong.has got 101 seats, BJP got 73 seats and others got 25 seats, which is amazing. This is one of the factors which needs looked out by both the natioal parties. The factor might be the cast card, that Jats and other OBC categories have played a great role in this election of Rajasthan. Virtually they have own 25 seats which is purely unexpected. In future, it is going to be great factor in Rajasthan politics .In case of Chhattisgarh, Congress has a clean sweep. If we go to watch the last three elections there was no big difference between the two parties regarding seat sharing, but this time it was so so big ,68 to Congress and 15 to BJP. Anti incumbency is definitely a factor here, but we cannot overlook the factor of cast card here as well.In rural areas,where ST ,SC and OBC are dominating,where BJP has lost its ground vehemently and Congress came out with flying colors. The impact of reservation policy is also clearly a indicative factor here. In case of Madhya Pradesh it was just like a 20-20 match ,until the last ball is not bowled ,you cannot predict about win and loss .So far Congress has bagged 115 seats ,and BJP has begged 108 seats. Congress President Kamal Nath has put forward his demand to form the government before the Governor. However Shivraj Singh Chauhan government has not suffered from anti-incumbency factor rather some other factor of caste and religion card here as well.In Telangana, as it is predicted in favour of TRS, though there was also a doubt of clear majority. But the result went in favour of TRS, it has bagged 88 seats Congress got 19 and BJP is stuck into one.The Maha Gathbandhan didn not work here. In Mizoram as it is expected, result has gone in favour of regional party MNF, Congress has lost its last resort in North East.MNF has begged 26 seats.