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Still The farce is on the ghost of Rafael Deal.

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In between the chaos after the verdict by Supreme Court , the govt. has submitted a rectifying petition before apex court ,regarding Rafael deal. In the petition the government explains that it has not mislead the court rather Honorable Court has misunderstood the facts and appeal to verify the paragraph 25 of the verdict ,in which there is about the pricing related to the deal, to Controller and Accounts General(CAG) and Public Accounts Committee of parliament. According to one of the law offices, in the petition, the govt. has said that the Honorable Court has verified the documents separately which has been provided to the court in sealed envelopes. On Friday honorable Supreme Court in its verdict said that CAG has been shared with the pricing of the deal and it brought the same for the observation of PAC. However the PAC chairperson Mallikarjun Kharge ji made it clear in the last evening in the press meet that there is no truth regarding evidence provided to the court .He said, if anything regarding pricing has come for the observation of the committee.