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Chhtisgarah is yet to find her man.New CM to come.

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New Delhi: 15/12:(odiannews) Today on 4:00 p.m. in Raipur, the final result is expected to come all about the CRISIS of CHOICE as CM candidate to sworn in. Out of 4 nominees ,. senior billionaire congressmen T S SInghDeo ,next to him most powerful ex cabinet man Bhupes Baghel, follows him Tamradhwaj sahoo finally Charandas Mahant on row .After a unbelievable success comparison to 2 neighbouring states, MP and Rajasthan congress is yet to confirm its CM man in Chhattisgarh. After all oldest party has succeeded to find solution for rajasthan and MP. The solution in Rajasthan is Deputy man Sachin Pilot , the distribution of power. Here it may be the third man ,a new kind of trend. The suspense intensified when Rahul Gandhi posted a photo in his Twitter page among these veterans. The kind of politics in social media, already applied in MP and Rajasthan .