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Chirag Paswan,LJP, an alley of NDA, wants to know about the benefits of Demonitisation.

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New Delhi:20/12:(odiannews):In between the discrimination of LJP and BJP about seat sharing in Bihar, Chirag Paswan, son of Ram Vilas Paswan chief of LJP, has written letter to PM Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, asking to know all about the benefits we got out of demonetisation. As Chirag is the chairman of parliamentary board of LJP an ally of NDA government, so the letter having its political importance.To remind here, ex- financial advisor Arvind Subramanyam has written in his book that “demonetisation is a serious strike over financial system”. Now the question from LJP on demonetisation, creates many questions . However ,Chirag complied that ,he wants to know the fact because he has to explain facts among the people. Chirag Paswan has repeatedly indicated that he was upset that the BJP and Nitish Kumar repeatedly ignored him during the seat sharing talks and did not keep him in the loop.