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Army Chief Bipin Rawat speaks of women in Indian Army.

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New Delhi:22/12:(odinnews):Again the TV has brought Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat to the forefront to enthral the public, and he has not disappointed his fans, who recall past pronouncements on illegal immigrants and stone-pelters. Now, while insisting that the Army must not be dragged into politics, he appears to have no knowledge of the feminist credo from the Sixties, “the personal is the political”, and hit all the shiny buttons in his interview to News 18. While he said that he and the Army were ready to post women to frontline duties, he successfully demonstrated that the Army is totally unready. Indeed, all his quotable quotes so far have been deeply honest, and exposed the reality that the rank and file remain premodern. General told Shreya Dhoundiyal of News 18 that modern India is “copying the Western model” in seeking the advancement of women in the Army, while the reality is that we have a “peasant” force. That may be factually correct, but it is not clear why prospects of women should be limited on that account, instead of modernising the outlook of the force. It was fodder both for prime time and social media, and incensed references to the Rani Jhansi regiment of the INA were made, and attention was drawn to the fact that the Air Force has women combat pilots. But there is a world outside India.