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Zero,ridiculous story of NASA (USA),The intoxication.

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Mumbai:23/12:(odiannews):When the trailer for Shah Rukh Khan Zero dropped, the reason for the title wasn not obvious, but it reveals itself swiftly if you watch the film. Zero is the number of people involved in the film who were sober during the making of latest release of Khan. This is the only explanation for the ridiculous plot and once you know what you are looking for, it is clear that love of intoxicating beverages plays a significant part in the story of Zero. How do Bauua (Khan) and his lady love Aafiya (Anushka Sharma) bond? By getting drunk. What does Babita (Kaif) wave around in the air when we see her making a public appearance as a Bollywood superstar? A bottle that looks suspiciously like it has a grey goose on it. The fictitious international space research centre in Zero? It sounds like a slurring drunkard trying to spell NASA (“NSAR”)