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Akhiles tended support to K.Chandrasekhar on Federal Front, big jolt to Rahul Gandhi.

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New Delhi:26/12:(odiannews):In the prospect of formation of the Federal Front, beyond Congress and BJP. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav came forward to support the ultimate front . This is being considered to be a big jolt for Rahul Gandhi not only that it is also jolt to Mahagathbandhan the Big alliance. Akhilesh told that, In the context of Federal Front he is going to meet KCR on Wednesday. On the other hand, Congress did not have givem any ministry to the only SP MLA in MP. Glazed in ironic approach, he said " Along with BJP, I thanked Congress . No post is given to the only MLA of SP that means, it clears the stand for us"He added.