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Link with Pakistan Handler ;Preparing Suicide bombers:NIA.

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New Delhi:29/12:(odiannews):After the arrest of 10 people in connectionto to the module of ISI, a dispute has been erupted regarding the investigation of NIA. But as per NIA is concerned, that they are moving in the right direction. The mastermind of the module, Mufti Muhammad Sohail alias Abubakkar al kasuri was remained in touch with Pakistani Handler Abu Malik Peshawari. Most of the time Sohail used to speak to his Pakistani Handler getting directions to gather the ingredients 2 make the bombs. From the export sources it is said that Pakistan is working on to haunt out like minded religious hard core people for the purpose of Islamic State ideology, and to create unrest and instability in various forms . In online portal through the specific apps,hacking the minds of Indian youngsters in the name of religion. In case of Sohail he used watching terror funding sites ,so he was being biased for his religious intolerance. He was working in this plan for last 1 decade. From primary interrogation from the sources, that all the three brothers were ready to become a suicide bomber at the very last moment .They are properly trained and preparing themselves in their mind set up, that how to execute the plan of attack in some sensitive places in India in future as suicide bombers. The other people are identified as Anas Younus , Saqib Iftekhar, Mohammed Trasad. This module of ISIS, is recognised as "Harkat ul Harb e Islam" and the mastermind of it is, Mufti Sohail, a priest of a madrasa in UP.