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Thanks to Rahul Gandhi and other politicians, the multi-faceted puffer jacket seems to be gaining popularity this winter.

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New Delhi:1/1:Congress president Rahul Gandhi has trended on social media for multiple reasons. One of the recent ones has got to do with his sartorial choices. Earlier this year, Gandhi was trolled for wearing a Burberry puffer jacket valued at approximately Rs 70,000. Seemingly unfazed by the coat controversy, Gandhi continues to favour the clothing item. This winter, too, he has been spotted multiple times, pairing pristine white kurta pajamas with olive green, navy blue, black and beige variants of the sleeveless puffer jacket.A garment that was reportedly invented in 1936 by American entrepreneur Eddie Bauer, and was called the Skyliner, today, the puffer jacket is being sported by trendsetters like Rihanna, Madonna and the Duchess of Essex, Meghan Markle.