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Two women unable to return home,after defying Saberimala temple ban on 2 Jan.

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New Delhi:11/1:(odiannews): Two women who made history by becoming the first in centuries to enter the Sabarimala hill temple in Kerala are in hiding after threats by hardline Hindu groups. The temple has been the site of tension since the Supreme Court ruled in late September to end a ban on women of menstruating age entering it. There have since been sporadic outbreaks of violence between the authorities and protesters attempting to prevent women from entering, setting off a cultural battle in what is still a deeply religious country. Bindu Ammini, 40, a law lecturer at Kannur University of Kerala and Kanakadurga, 39, a civil servant, told Reuters they were determined to enter despite threats of violence. After the judgement of Supreme Court, the women made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the temple on December 24, before finally succeeding on January 2.