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India reminds Pakistan to treat diplomats in the line with 1992 code of conduct.

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New Delhi:15/1:(odiannews): India and Pakistan were on Monday embroiled in a fresh spat over the treatment of their diplomats, with people familiar with developments saying Pakistani security personnel had behaved “aggressively” with the Indian envoy and his deputy in Islamabad. The Indian high commission in Islamabad submitted a formal protest to Pakistan Foreign Office on January 10 about the behaviour of a Pakistani security official towards the envoy of country and attempts to hack the social media accounts of two second secretaries, the people said. The Indian mission had formally complained on two occasions last month to foreign ministry of Pakistan about power supply being deliberately cut at the home of a second secretary. On Sunday, Pakistan had formally protested to India about an official from its high commission in New Delhi being held at a police station for several hours after a woman alleged he behaved inappropriately with her at a market. The official, an assistant to the Pakistani naval attache, was at Sarojini Nagar market when he was involved in an altercation with the woman, who made a complaint at the nearby police station. Following this, the Pakistani official apologised in writing and the matter was closed. Delhi Police officials denied reports the Pakistani official was arrested or detained. However, Islamabad was upset as the official was held for several hours at the police station even after he identified himself as a staffer of the high commission, a person said.The Indian side informed Pakistan that such “incidents of aggressive surveillance, violation of privacy and harassment” amounted to a breach of the understanding reached by the two sides in March last year to treat their diplomats in line with a 1992 code of conduct.