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Government is looking at dropping key bills to focus at others.

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New Delhi:2/2:(odiannews):Since the first two bills have run into Opposition protests in Rajya Sabha, the BJP leadership has decided not to pursue them in the ongoing last session of Parliament that ends on February 13. Non-National Democratic Alliance (NDA) parties have claimed victory by not allowing the ruling side to push its luck in the Upper House. The tactical decision of NDA has created space for passage of other bills by avoiding divisive and controversial ones at least till the elections.At a meeting chaired by Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Friday, the government announced it would not pursue the triple talaq and the citizenship amendment bills. The NDA is also facing heat over the citizenship amendment bill in the north-east where indigenous bodies are opposed to the proposal to allow non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to become Indian citizens. The amendments to the land acquisition act, to allow more flexibility in acquiring land, have long been pushed to the backburner by the Narendra Modi government. Along with the instant talaq and citizenship bills, it will lapse on June 3 when the 16th Lok Sabha comes to an end. With Lok Sabha elections round the corner, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may give a silent burial to the contentious triple talaq and the citizenship amendment bills, as well as the long-pending land acquisition legislation.