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Rajeev Kumar destroyed evidence in chit fund fraud case.

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New Delhi:4/2:(odiannews):“There is evidence against him (Rajeev Kumar), he has been instrumental in causing destruction of this evidence and obstructing justice,” interim CBI chief M. Nageswar Rao alleged against WB govt and Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. Rai was reacting after Kolkata Police detained a CBI team which had gone to quiz the city police commissioner chief was detained by the local police in the evening before being released. Rao said a Special Investigation Team (SIT)  which was constituted by the Bengal government to probe the chit fund cases under the chairmanship of Rajeev Kumar before the direction of Supreme Court to the CBI had destroyed evidences. “ We are investigating these chit fund cases as per the directions of the SC. An SIT has been constituted by the WB govt prior to the direction of SC under the chairmanship of Rajeev Kumar, who is currently the Kolkata police commissioner. “They have taken charge of all the evidence, seized all the documents. They have not been cooperating with us in handing over all the documents and a lot of evidence has been destroyed or caused to disappear.”said Rao.