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Rahul Gandhi rejects comparison between Modi and Indira Gandhi;It is an insult to Indira.

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New Delhi:5/2:(odiannews):Congress President Rahul Gandhi has dismissed comparisons between his grandmother and former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He has called it “an insult to Indiraji”. “The decisions of my grandmother came from love and affection, her work was uniting in nature and she carried along people and cared for poors of India,” he said. “Modi s decisions come from anger and hatred and his decisions divide the country. And Mr Narendra Modi has absolutely no empathy for the weak and the poor,” Gandhi told in an interview. Political analysts may not agree with the Congress president. Modi’s outreach to the poor, through state-run welfare schemes, is similar to what Indira Gandhi attempted. Indira Gandhi, analysts say, ruled with an iron hand, brooking no dissidence within her party and opposition from without. Her PMO (Prime Minister Office) was seen as the epicenter of power during her governments, taking key decisions across several ministries. It is believed PM Modi( PMO) functions the same way. Indira Gandhi is also widely believed to have enforced her will upon institutions, a charge that is often leveled at the Narendra Modi government. Rahul Gandhi disagrees.