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US did not seek any action against sentinlese.

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New Delhi (US):9/2:(odiannews): The US is not pursuing action against the Sentinelese tribe members who killed an American missionary trying to enter their forbidden island, according to the top State Department official for religious freedom. “The US government has not asked or pursued any sort of sanctions that the Indian government would take against the tribal people in this case,” said Samuel Brownback, the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, on Thursday. “It is a tragic situation and a tragic case of what has happened, but that is not something that has been asked,” he said, answering a question of a reporter during a news video conference if he would require the Indian government to take action against the Sentinelese tribe or recommend US sanctions on them. American fundamentalist Christian missionary John Allen Chau was killed in November by tribespeople when he illegally went to the North Sentinel Island in the Andamans to convert them.