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UK list for easier student visas excludes India once again

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New Delhi/London:19/3:(odiannews):The Theresa May government has often mentioned links with India as a key focus in a post-Brexit United Kingdom, but the revised Home Office list of countries whose students are allowed easier UK visa norms excludes India again. The inclusion of China, but not India, in the list in June 2018 had provoked a row. Countries included in the list are assessed against a range of criteria, including the likelihood of their students abusing the visa system and overstaying. India does not yet meet the criteria, but may do so in future, officials say. The new countries included in the revised list of 26 countries (Appendix H) are mentioned in the latest changes to immigration rules submitted to parliament: Brazil, Kazakhastan, Mauritius, Oman, Peru and Tunisia. Karan Bilimoria, member of the House of Lords and president of the UK Council for International Student Affairs, said:“By discriminating against India in this way for the second time, it is Britain that will lose out on Indian students who are the some of the brightest in the world. And as for the UK talking about future post-Brexit free trade deals with India - with this type of behaviour, Britain can dream on”.