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Chilly powder attack on Delhi CM

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Chilly powder attack on Delhi CM.
New Delhi:(odiannews):21/11_Cm Kejeriwal has a dubious chilly powder attack infront of Delhi secretariat. On 2pm.when cm.Kejeriwal on his way to lunch from his office at Delhi secretariat,one , Anil ku.sarma attackd him with chilly powder. 
As per the input Sarma was waiting to meet  the CM out of his office.When Kejeriwal came out of his office,then  Sarma went to him and said that he was only person to sort out his problem. Then he bent down to touch the feets  when Cm.tried to up him,he sprinkled the chilly powder on the face of  Fortunately the glass saved his eyes
APP spokesman condemned the mishap and accused BJP,along with said that,on context of security breach even Cm isn't out of danger. Bjp responds curiously.